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COLLNET Journal of Scientometrics and Information Management

Dr. Hildrun Kretschmer
Founding Editor
Prof N G Satish, India
Chief Editor
Dr. Bernd Markscheffel, Germany
Advisory Editor
Dr Parveen Babbar
Associate Editor
We are glad to introduce the COLLNET Journal of Scientometrics and Information Management(CJSIM), a half-yearly published journal (ISSN 09737766), founded in 2007. It is published by the Taylor and Francis Group, UK ( in cooperation with TARU Publications, India ( Taylor& Francis have to their credit over 1000 journals of international repute in various scientific fields which are widely appreciated for their research content and quality.
Submissions of papers for publication in the COLLNET Journal of Scientometrics and Information Management are welcome for both all of the scientists in the field of quantitative and qualitative science studies as well as for COLLNET members.

COLLNET is representing a global interdisciplinary research network on the topic "Collaboration in Science and in Technology" based on webometrics, informetrics,scientometrics, library and information science as well as on qualitative aspects of science of science ( The focus of this research network is to examine the phenomena of collaboration in science, its effect on productivity, innovation and quality, and the benefits and outcomes accruing to individuals, institutions and nations of collaborative work and co-authorship in science.

Scope of the journal theme:
On account of the diversity of the issues mentioned above it is possible to obtain promising results only against the backdrop of an interdisciplinary approachin the area of quantitative and qualitative science studies: Collaboration and communication in science and in technology,science policy,theoretical, methodological and applied aspects, for example: These examples listed above give a broad outline of the scope of the journal theme but do not limit it.

The COLLNET Journal of Scientometrics and Information Management provides excellent reading to scientists/researchers in Scientometrics, Information Management and beyond and opens up new vistas of collaborative research on matters of scientific interest and interpretation on a larger scale both on qualitative and quantitative parameters be it in social sciences, arts, culture, everyday science with topical mathematical and statistical data analysis/indicators. Scholars from interdisciplinary research fields vis-a-visscientometrics will find this journal very informative and encouraging for furthering substantive research. The journal provides chance for scientists from developed and developing countries to facilitate their active participation in international communication thro collaborative efforts. Science has an international character that encompasses the entire world and we feel happy at the idea of development of our scientific community into this young and effective discipline of science for its results, their adaptability and applicability in science.